Denys Lawrence

Denys Lawrence

National President
Pacific Region

President’s Message - January 2021

Wherever you are across this vast country, I am quite certain that you’re continuing to feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. While some of us have snow and are able to ski, others live in areas like Ontario, where there is snow on the ground but ski resorts are closed. My heart goes out to members in this situation. Such strange times. I hope everyone finds a way to stay sane and keep moving forward.

I have been asked by some members why, if they cannot teach or even ski, they should pay their memberships this year. I have also been told that members should have free access to the new CANSI Technical and Teaching Guidebook. While I understand why I am getting these questions, I think it is important to understand what your membership fees mean to CANSI. The fees we pay are the main source of revenue for CANSI, supplemented by course fees and whatever grants we are able to access. With very few courses being run this year, we are relying on memberships to fund the ambitious agenda we initiated prior to the pandemic. This agenda includes the reworking of our website as well as the redevelopment of our teaching resources. We have incurred significant costs for the website and manuals, mostly through design and translation. While it is true that much of the work is being done on a volunteer basis, especially now, there has nevertheless been a large outlay of funding to get us to where we are today.

If CANSI relies on your membership fees to pay for projects, what do you as a member get in return? Many of you depend on the insurance CANSI provides you while you are teaching, but if you are not teaching, what good is the insurance? It is a fair question. If you are a CANSI member only because of the insurance we provide, I suggest you look at what else CANSI has to offer. The pro deals alone will offset the cost of your membership. We are in the process of adding more companies, including Recreation Outfitters (ROI), to the lineup available to you. ROI carries brands like Hestra, Deuter, Devold, Colltex, Treksta, Dahlgren and Spot. I have mentioned the new Guidebook and the excellent resource it is for members to use, not just for teaching, but for their own personal skiing. The number of volunteer hours spent on developing this resource makes it worth far more than the cost of a membership. Finally, wherever possible, and whether they are online or on snow, CANSI tries to offer free refreshers to its members. This is your chance to work with our upper-level instructors, free of charge, to improve your skiing and teaching skills.

So, there is a lot more to your CANSI membership than just the insurance we provide. CANSI is only as strong as its membership. Please consider how important your membership is to us and know how much we appreciate your support.

I welcome all of you to register for and participate in CANSI’s upcoming annual general meeting, which takes place online February 3, 2021 at 7:00pm EST. I’ll be there. Will you?


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