The Road to Interski 2027, Vail Mountain, Colorado, USA

CANSI is taking proactive steps to field both a telemark and a cross country demonstration team for the next Interski, to be held in April 2027 at Vail Mountain, Colorado, USA. The team will be part of a larger Canadian delegation of the CSIA, CASI and CADS. The 2027 CANSI Interski Team will comprise a balanced representation of CANSI members. We are excited to announce that the 2027 team will include 12 members plus delegation and coaching staff.

Participation at Interski is central to the continued development and growth of all skiing and snowboarding nations. The exchange and exposure of ideas on technique, methodology and business practices has long been the hallmark of the world’s ski congress. CANSI’s participation as part of a Canadian presence will continue to positively impact our membership and strengthen the greater Canadian snowsports community.

Outlined below is information and an overview of the selection process being used to field the 2027 CANSI Interski Team.

Team composition targets

  • 6 telemark demonstrators
  • 6 cross country demonstrators
  • Male: 4 minimum
  • Female: 4 minimum
  • East: 4 minimum
  • West 4 minimum

Interski Team Selection Participation Prerequisites

  • Level II, III or IV certification
  • Current CANSI member (dues paid)
  • Eligible to work for CANSI as a course conductor

Process: Interested members will submit a single video showcasing both on-snow demonstrations along with a pre-set list of speaking points.

  • Deadline to submit videos is April 30, 2026.
  • All video submissions to be labelled using the following naming convention:
  • All video submissions should be sent to CANSI at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and will be reviewed by Interski coaches/judges.
  • All video submissions will receive comments/direction using a standardized CANSI template outlining what and how to improve. This will form the basis of a training plan. Successful candidates will be asked to attend the final Interski Selection Camp. Details regarding dates, location(s) and format will be available by March 2026.

Format: In order to provide consistency, interested members must use the format below when submitting their video.

  • Telemark
  • Demonstrate all Level III examined manoeuvres per prescribed terrain
  • Video to show no less than 6 linked turns of each manoeuvre
  • Use of slow motion editing not accepted

  • Cross Country
  • Demonstrate all Level IV examined manoeuvres per prescribed terrain
  • Video to show no less than 6 linked strides and/or poling cycles per manoeuvre
  • Use of slow motion editing not accepted

  • Speaking points (both telemark and cross country)
  • 2 to 3 minutes in length
  • Use of additional graphics and/or presentation enhancements not required
  • Q#1 – What is your vision of the attributes of the ideal Interski team?
  • Q#2 - What are the strengths that you feel you will bring to the team if selected?
  • Q#3 - How do you feel the CANSI membership will benefit from your involvement in Interski?
  • Q#4 - What do you hope to learn by being on the team?
  • Any additional details members wish to add

Interski Delegation/Coaching

  • Head Coach:TBA
  • Assistant Coach (Telemark):TBA
  • Assistant Coach (Cross Country): TBA
  • Team Manager: TBA

Judges and Judge Selection

  • A team of judges will be required to assist coaching staff with the selection process.
  • The judging team will include members at large who meet the prerequisites below.
  • Head Coach and Assistant Coach will make up two of the judges.
  • Up to 2 additional judges (1 East, 1 West) will be selected based on the format below.
  • Judges will be appointed by the national technical committee.
  • Judges must be in good standing and hold either and/or both Level IV in XC and Level III in telemark certification.

Anticipated cost and timeline

Selected members should anticipate paying approximately $5,670 USD plus transportation to Vail to participate in the 2027 Interski. This is an approximate cost to cover ground transportation, meals, accommodation, event uniform and fees. More precise costs will be forthcoming in April 2026.

Selected members should anticipate approximately 10 to 12 days away from Canada. Interski is slated to run April 3-10, 2027.

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