A professional member of CANSI is any member residing in Canada who successfully completes a cross country or telemark instructor certification course conducted by CANSI.

Members maintain their professional status by attending a refresher course at least once every three years and paying their membership dues annually.

Professional members have full voting rights and are entitled to liability insurance while teaching cross country or telemark skiing, based on their certification. They enjoy all the benefits offered by CANSI, including: refresher courses, preparation clinics, skill improvement programs, social events, pro deals, online technical information, monthly communication, and access to job postings and equipment for sale.

The cost of a professional membership is included in the registration fee for cross country and telemark Level I instructor certification.


An associate member of CANSI is any member residing in Canada who has not attended a refresher course within the three years following their most recent certification. Associate members have determined they do not need liability insurance coverage, but they still want to maintain the benefits offered by the association.

Associate members have full voting rights and will receive most of the benefits that a professional member receives, except that they will not have liability insurance coverage through CANSI or be able to promote their teaching services or access job postings through the association.

To have their professional status reinstated, associate members can recertify within a 10-year period of their last professional status or successfully complete an instructor certification course. Professional status will be reinstated provided associate members comply with all other requirements established by CANSI’s Board.


An affiliate member of CANSI is any person or organization who pays membership dues.

Affiliate members have no voting rights and are not entitled to liability insurance; however, they are entitled to the latest technical information via newsletters, manuals and the website.

Affiliate membership dues are less than for professional or associate members.


Honorary CANSI members have been appointed by the Board on the basis of their contribution to CANSI and/or to the sport of nordic skiing in general.

Honorary members have no voting rights but may be entitled to all the benefits of a professional membership (provided they maintain their refresher courses) or an associate membership.

Honorary members are not required to pay annual membership dues.

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