CANSI Members Save on XC Ski Nation Subscriptions Posted on Feb 15th, 2019

XCSN-CANSI-220pix.jpgXC Ski Nation, a Canadian online ski school that teaches competition-style skate and classic skiing, is now offering CANSI members a 10 % discount on annual subscriptions. XC Ski Nation hosts more than 100 videos, including technique demonstrations by World Cup and Olympic Nordic athletes as well as coaching tips and drills from national- and international-level coaches.

"We use slow-motion video analysis to simplify cross country ski techniques so you can learn, and teach others, how to ski faster with less effort," says Kim McKenney, co-founder and president of XC Ski Nation. "Our team's focus is on developing high-quality videos about Nordic ski technique, based on current trends in the sport."

Robert Lafleur, chair of CANSI's national technical committee, has been a member of XC Ski Nation since its creation. "The site has terrific video footage of all the classic and skate manoeuvres," Lafleur says. "There is detailed commentary of manoeuvres by current, high-level coaches and athletes, complete with biomechanical underpinnings of techniques.

 "The coaching staff offer current technique trends, based on their experience and analysis, that are some of the most insightful and creative concepts I have seen in years. I find XC Ski Nation to be very useful, not only for working on my personal technique, but also for new ideas that help me improve my teaching."

With an XC Ski Nation subscription, members learn a variety of methods relevant to coaching cross country skiing, including how to conduct video analysis and how to align technique with current trends in biomechanics to increase performance and prevent injury.

An annual subscription costs US$33, but CANSI coaches can access all of XC Ski Nation's resources at a 10 per cent discount. Find the special link and coupon code on the CANSI Member Pro Deals page at The coupon and link will be available until August 31, 2019.

 About XC Ski Nation

Founded in 2016, XC Ski Nation provides annual subscriptions to more than 650 users worldwide, including members from Canada, the United States, the U.K., China, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Estonia, France, Austria, Germany and Australia.

Disclaimer: Members may find that XC Ski Nation's take on some techniques differs from that of CANSI, so be sure to refer to the CANSI standards if you are challenging a CANSI level or teaching a CANSI course. CANSI does not necessarily endorse everything in XC Ski Nation, and vice versa, but we hope that any differences between the two will encourage some reflection and respectful dialogue.