CANSI National Seminar in Silver Star, BC, March 4-8, 2019 Posted on Nov 15th, 2018

Watch the video for a taste of your next snow holiday and register now!

The cost is $350 until February 18 (early bird rate) and $400 thereafter (regular rate).

Click here to register for the XC seminar.

Click here to register for the Telemark seminar.

New this year: 

 • 5-day format to give you more time to absorb all the information you get from great workshops, practice all the new ideas you've learned AND enjoy the skiing at SilverStar as well as explore the area;
Workshops delivered twice so you won't miss a thing by having to choose one workshop over another;
15-minute on-snow mini-presentations: the opportunity for members to share their ideas and experiences teaching skiing; contact for more info; 
10-minute indoor presentations with pictures: to share something exciting with your CANSI colleagues; contact for more info;
XC and telemark running for the full five days: if you're certified in both disciplines, you can attend sessions in both seminars while paying only one registration fee. 

Participants at the seminar are responsible for arranging their own accommodations. You may check these websites links for some options:
SilverStar Mountain Resort coordinates a range of accommodations on the mountain. CANSI seminar participants will receive 15% off the rack rate on a number of accommodations;
SilverStar Stays offers a number of properties for rent. CANSI seminar participants will receive a 10% discount.

Nordic and lift tickets:
Participants at the seminar will receive a 50% discount on Nordic trail passes and lift tickets.

Registration options:
For those able to attend only one or two days of either seminar, please contact the CANSI national office upon registration. A refund for the days you are not able to attend will be processed after the seminar.