CANSI Ontario - XC Course Conductor Training session Posted on Jun 2nd, 2018

2017 12 9 10 CANSI-00636

Every year at the beginning of the season a small group of CANSI Ontario instructors get together to prepare the future of CANSI Ontario courses and get on the snow.

They are reunited for a new season of ski instruction just like the skier scraping the storage wax off their skis, they review not only the techniques and teaching pedagogy but also administrative process and policies. They share ideas on how to improve their courses and shape the future of the organisation. They will ski in front of others for the first time in months, looking for the balance and rhythm to return or simply astonished that last year improvements are still with them. Their common goal is to be ready to deliver another round of CANSI courses.

2017 12 9 10 CANSI-00673

This is also a great opportunity to incorporate new faces to the organization... As we are always on the lookout for new blood. If you are passionate about skiing, and love sharing your passion consider joining us over the weekend. The agenda will vary depending on the ski conditions and on the novelties that need to be pass on with the priority of spending time on the snow.

2017 12 9 10 CANSI-00608

[editor: There is also great lodging organized by CANSI Ontario, and fun evenings of food and talk about the coming ski season]

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Jean-Pierre Lavoie

XC Technical Director, CANSI Ontario 

(Level IV Instructor)

Photos by Michael Connor, CANSI Level II instructor with High Park Ski Club