Improving our Website Posted on Feb 23rd, 2018

As part of CANSI's strategic plan to attract and retain members, we have identified the need to improve our website. This year we will be working to make our website more user friendly, accessible via smartphone and computer, and easier to navigate to find the information that is important to you.


We want to thank Mountain Equipment Coop for their help with this initiative. MEC provided CANSI with $20,000 through their Community Improvement Grant. Please help us show our gratitude to MEC by visiting a store in your area or online.

Members of the technical committee, who are responsible for providing ski technique and teaching information to us, have been working hard this year to make online videos, articles and documents and online learning opportunities. Along with their efforts, members of CANSI's national board are working to improve our website and our approach to communicating with you, our members.

To date, we have conducted a needs assessment involving representatives from each region's board and course administrators, the technical committee, national board and national office. We identified the areas we would like to improve and now we are looking at what is required to put these improvements into place. As with most improvement initiatives, we have lots of ideas and so the hard work starts now as we try to determine what can be achieved within our budget.

As an association that functions through the efforts of volunteer members, we need your help with this initiative. There are two ways you can help:

1. Give us your opinion - As a member, what do you want to see on the website? What would keep you engaged in CANSI? What specific information are you are looking for? What improvements would you like to see? Please take a few minutes to send your ideas or opinions to our national office (

2. Website design expertise - We are looking for anyone who can help us with the technical details of web design, website editing tools and content management systems. Any help will be appreciated as we are trying to get the most out of our grant funds. If you have time and expertise to offer, please contact our national office (

Our goal is to have the improved website up and running for the beginning of next ski season (Oct. to Dec. 2018). We will keep you informed as we make decisions and move forward with our website improvement project.

Rob Henderson - Chair, Strategic Improvement Project and Director (Ontario)