Ontario XC Courses 2017-2018 Posted on Oct 26th, 2017


Thanks to Wendy Grater, Paul Graner, Jay Thibert, Jean Pierre Lavoie, Cameron Smith, Peter Rasberry, Clare Magee, David Wallin and Jan Vopalensky we are pleased to offer you this winter 21 cross-country course over 18 events and at 4 locations in both Southern and Eastern Ontario.

You can find and register for these courses on the CANSI Courses page or by viewing  2017-2018 CANSI Ontario XC Courses Schedule  table with the links to courses. 

This year we introduce new type of a course: Professional Development (PD) Clinics. Each of these sessions is focusing on one of the following topics: classic, skate, downhill techniques or teaching. These sessions are available for any level professional or associate CANSI member and for those who already registered for XC Level I Instructor certification course later in the season. Note, that these sessions do not count as Refresher course!

Unlike Preparation courses these 1-day training sessions are tailored for those who want to improve or learn only one particular set(s) of a skiing techniques or teaching skills in greater details, to get more of individual feedback and/or learn new more advanced techniques in a small (max. 8 students per instructor) group in no pressure and fun atmosphere. 

Due to limited number of qualified Course Conductors the sessions are mixed level and may include instructors with different levels of certification - from Level I candidates to Level III Certified instructors. This, however, will allow new instructors and candidates to ski with and learn from more experienced ones and try more advanced techniques and prepare for next levels of certification. While more experienced instructors will benefit from check and refreshing their existing skills and tweaks or improvements that Course Conductor will recommend. They also will learn some new techniques.

Do not forget to register for these courses at least 2 weeks before the course start in order to take advantage of 20% savings on course fees and to ensure these courses will run. We will run these courses only if at least 4 people register for each course, and will try to make a decision at least 3-5 days before the course starts as to whether or not a course is cancelled. For further details please read these course registration,cancellation and retest policies.

Also keep in mind that if you are not yet over 21 years of age at start of the course, you qualify for the Ontario Youth Scholarship. For details how to apply, please see this page.

If you have questions regarding CANSI Ontario XC courses or have troubles to register please send an e-mail to xc-programs@ontario.cansi.ca.

We wish our members to have a great skiing season, productive learning and achieving next levels of certification.