Ontario XC Courses 2015-2016 Posted on Nov 30th, 2015



Thanks to Wendy Grater, Paul Graner, Jay Thibert, Jean Pierre Lavoie, Ted Williams, Clare Magee, Cam Smith and Jan Vopalensky we are pleased to offer you this winter 11 XC courses over 7 events and at 5 locations.

You can find and register for these course on the CANSI Courses page. But to save you some searching, below is their summary with direct links.

Dec. 12-13, 2015 at Highlands Nordic, Duntroon
* Course Conductor Training

Dec. 19-20, 2015 at Highlands Nordic, Duntroon
* Dec. 19-20 - Level II/III Preparation & Refresher (cancelled)
* Dec. 19 - Level I Preparation (Classic) (cancelled)
* Dec. 20 - Level I Preparation (Skate) (cancelled)

Jan. 3, 2016 at Highlands Nordic, Duntroon
* Level II/III Preparation & Refresher (makeup course)
* Level I Preparation (Classic) (makeup course)

Jan. 9-10, 2016 at Arrowhead Nordic, Huntsville
* Jan. 9-10 - Level I Certification
* Jan. 9 - PD/Refresher

Jan. 16-18 & Feb. 26-28, 2016 at Relais Plein Air, Gatineau and Horseshoe Valley, Barrie
* Level III Instructor Certification (cancelled)

Jan 18, 2016 at Mooney's Bay, Ottawa
* Level I Preparation

Feb. 6-7, 2016 at Mooney's Bay, Ottawa
* Feb. 6-7 - Level I Certification
* Feb. 6 - PD/Refresher

Feb. 20-21 & Feb. 26-28, 2016 at Highlands Nordic and Horseshoe Valley, Barrie
* Level II Certification  (cancelled)

Do not forget to register for these courses at least 2 weeks before the course start in order to take advantage of 20% savings on course fees and to ensure these courses will not be cancelled. We will run these courses only if at least 4 people register for each course, and will try to make a decision at least 5 days before the course starts as to whether or not a course is cancelled. For further details please read these course registration and cancellation policies.

Also keep in mind that if you are not yet over 21 years of age at start of the course, you qualify for the Ontario Youth Scholarship. For details how to apply, please see this page.

(Last updated Feb. 18, 2016)



Jan Vopalensky December 16th, 2015

I am sorry to all 25 registrants, but due to lack of snow we have to cancel the three prep. courses scheduled for Dec. 19-20 at Highlands Nordic.

Jan Vopalensky December 20th, 2015

Today we added the XC Level III certification course. Note that part 1 of this course will be run in Gatineau Park (Ottawa area) and part 2 will be run in Horseshoe Valley in Barrie in conjunction with the XC Level II certification course.

Jan Vopalensky December 27th, 2015

Please note that due to the unusually warm winter, we've added two courses for the cancelled Jan. 19-20 courses. Although the weather is still risky, we are trying for Sunday Jan. 3 at same location. Both courses will be 1-day only, and focus mainly on XC skiing skills.

Jan Vopalensky January 14th, 2016

Note that due to low registration we had to cancel the one XC Level III certification course. (This time it was not for lack of snow.)

Jan Vopalensky February 18th, 2016

Note that unfortunately we had to cancel the single XC Level II certification course also due to low registration numbers. In future, we will try to offer only combined XC Level II/III certification courses to avoid these types of cancellations.

Kevin French September 24th, 2016

Hi Jan.
I'd like to re-enter the ranks of CANSI. Can you contact me?

Jan Vopalensky September 26th, 2016

Welcome back Kevin. You should see an email soon from our (CANSI Ontario) Basecamp project where we all (volunteers, CCs, CCTs) collaborate.

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