InterSki 2015 - Update II Posted on Sep 8th, 2015

From Ushuaia, at the southern tip of South America in Argentina.

We were welcomed at the hotel with a Pineault de Charente "shooter: from the Argentina organisation committee. There were flags from every participating country - each country had hostess holding a country flag, and each of them speak the participant country language. They escorted us to the bus for the trip to the hotel

Sunny with +5C. Lot of powder snow in the Pataginia mountain - they look like Canadian Rockies. Houses are painted, pink, blue, yellow... kind of like what we see at Madeleines Island, and St-Pierre et Michelon.

We all received a portable FM radio, and we could tune it to get a simultaneous translation of the presentation in our language.

There is a grey market to exchange US money, but we have to be careful and get referral from a reliable peddler, just to be secure. The bank offer 9.2 pesos, but the grey market offers 14.5, big difference. Our reference lead us to a small room at the end of an hotel corridor. We go there in a small group to be safer...

Tomorrow, opening ride, country by country.