Ontario Youth Scholarship is available again this winter Posted on Nov 4th, 2013


CANSI Ontario is pleased to offer again a scholarship to any youth between 16 and 21 years of age at the start of a CANSI Ontario course. For details how to obtain this scholarship, please read this Ontario Youth Scholarship policy page.

Here are some details from the two Youth Scholarship recipients from last winter.

First recipient was Anneke Winegarden from Ottawa area. Here she describes her experience from her XC Level I certification course offered by Robert Lafleur, Paul Graner and Alex Bauemont under challenging conditions from Jan. 8 to 13, 2013

The XC Level I CANSI course that I participated in was held from January 8th to 13th and was conducted by Rob, Tarras, Alex and Paul. I really enjoyed the comfortable group atmosphere that was created by the conductors instantly on day one. The first 2 days were evenings dedicated to skill development in both classic and skate techniques.

I enjoyed learning new drills and skills from the conductors, as we did group learning as well as individual critique and feedback, I really enjoyed practicing using the critical thought process needed to analyse a skier, and I thought it was a great way to get the participants thinking like an instructor.

This was definitely my favorite part of the course, I really enjoyed sharing my analysis of the skier and getting it confirmed or rectified by the conductors, I thought that it was an extremely valuable exercise. It was also nice to get some feedback on my technique, I am sure you are not surprised to hear that I can always have more ankle bend!

The weekend component was filled with peer teaches which were great to see everyone's different ways to teach the techniques and the best peer teaches where when we had volunteers from the community to act as participants. This helped dissipate some fatigue from constantly teaching the same people the same techniques over and over again.

This Level I CANSI course helped me feel confident as a cross country ski instructor and the positive feedback from the conductors only increased my desire to continue skiing and teaching. I look forward to next winter when I can sign up for a Level II CANSI course, as was recommended by the course conductors.

The second recipient was Gord Salt - our new CANSI instructor and Level III CCC coach - who offered a special XC preparatory course to 28 High School students on Feb. 13, 21 & Mar. 1, 2013.

This 2.5-day course ran as part of the Environmental Studies Program offered by Grey Highlands Secondary School (Debbie Val and John Burton). This program offers students the opportunity to earn four credits at the Grade 12 level that are taught through environmental immersion. It blends traditional academic studies with practical outdoor skills that allows students to develop a more comprehensive picture of our complex and dynamic world.