Ontario X-Country Courses 2013-2014 are open for registration Posted on Oct 22nd, 2013


CC Training at Highlands

Thanks to Wendy Grater, Paul Jorgensen, Paul Graner, Clare Magee, Ted Williams, Murray Wood, Alex Beaumont, Robert Lafleur and Jan Vopalensky, we are pleased to offer you this winter 16 XC courses over 8 events and at 5 locations.

You can find and register for these course on the CANSI Courses page. But to save you some searching, here is their summary with direct links.

Dec. 14-15, 2013 at Highlands Nordic, Duntroon
* Course Conductor Workshop

Dec. 19-20, 2013 at Horseshoe Valley, Barrie
* Dec. 19-20 - Level I Certification
* Dec. 19 - PD/Refresher
* Dec. 20 - PD/Refresher

Dec. 21-22, 2013 at Highlands Nordic, Duntroon
* Dec. 21-22 - Level II/III Preparation & Refresher
* Dec. 21 - Level I Preparation (Classic), Highlands Nordic
* Dec. 22 - Level I Preparation (Skate), Highlands Nordic

Jan. 4-5, 2014 at Opeongo Hills, Brudenell/Wilno
* Level I Certification

Jan 5, 2014 at Mooney's Bay
* Level I Preparation

Jan 10-12 & Feb 1-2, 2014 at Opeongo Hills, Brudenell/Wilno
* Level II Certification
* Level III Certification

Jan 11-12 & Feb 15-16, 2014 at Arrowhead Nordic, Huntsville
* Jan 11-12 - Level I Certification
* Feb 15-16 - Level I Certification
* Jan 11 - PD/Refresher
* Jan 12 - PD/Refresher

Jan 13, 15, 17-19 & Mar 3, 2014 at Mooney's Bay
* Jan 13, 15 & 17-19 - Level I Certification
* Jan 18 - PD/Refresher was moved to Feb. 13 and then to March 3

Do not forget to register for these courses at least 2 weeks before the course start in order to take advantage of 20% savings on course fees and to ensure these courses will not be cancelled. We will not run these courses unless there is at least 4 people in each course, and will try to make a decision at least 5 days before the course starts. For further details please read these course registration and cancellation policies.

Also keep in mind that if you are not yet over 21 years of age at start of the course, you qualify for the Ontario Youth Scholarship. For details how to apply, please see this page.

(Last updated February 24, 2014)



Dan Mahony October 26th, 2013

Regarding the Level One instructor Refresher Course on the week-end of Jan.11-12 2014 at Arrowhead Park . It is my understanding that if I commit to attend, I have the option of doing the refresher on EITHER the Sat. OR the SUN. but am not required to attend both days. Correct??

Jan Vopalensky November 4th, 2013

That is correct Dan. You can attend the Refresher either on Jan. 11 or Jan. 12. These are only 1-day refreshers.

Lauren December 1st, 2013

What exactly is included in the Level 1 Instructor Horseshoe Valley course fee? I am just figuring out whether I can afford the course. Is there cheap accommodation? Do you need to have both classic and skate equipment to participate? Thanks.

Dee Patterson December 3rd, 2013

My copy of the "ski your best" DVD is dated 2006. Is this the most recent version?
Have there been revisions to the contents of the CANSI Level I manual and when?
Thank you...

Jan Vopalensky December 11th, 2013


(1) all CANSI Ontario course fees include the cost of having certified course conductors (their preparation, teaching & post-course evaluation time, any travel and lodging costs they may incur), using the resort's facilities (for having good outdoor and indoor teaching space) and the CANSI National office administration.

(2) If you are looking for cheap lodging in the area, you should contact the course leaders to see if they can help you. Or simply search the web. Or use accommodation finding services like airbnb.ca.

(3) If you want the full XC Level I certification, you need to know both Classic and Skate ski technique - and hence you need to have both types of equipment. You can, however, do only XC Classic Level I certification. For details about this certification, read the news item at http://www.cansi.ca/en/news/2007/11/000197.php . For requirements to pass full Level I, please view the video called "Criteria for CANSI XC Level I" in the membership -> disciplines page, and then test your-self using the associated "CANSI XC Pre-level I questionnaire" document.

Hope this helps / Jan

Jan Vopalensky December 11th, 2013


(1) As far as I know that is the latest version of the DVD. But you can contact the National office to see if there is any new version planned.

(2) Yes. there have been several revisions of the CANSI Instructor's Manual (and more are being made each year). But the requirements for XC Level I have not really changed.

Also note that there is no "CANSI Level I manual". There is, however, the "Criteria for CANSI XC Level I" video I mentioned in my last comment to Lauren.

Anonymous December 17th, 2013

Regarding the level 1 XC certification course at Horseshoe coming up on December 19-20, I was wondering where we were to meet for it? I checked the Horseshoe Resort website and it indicates that XC skiing is closed.

Jan Vopalensky December 17th, 2013

All participants for these 3 courses will meet in the Nordic Programs Trailer at Horseshoe Valley (south side). Start time is 8:30 a.m. Please be dressed and ready for Classic skiing.

Note that this information and the course plan was sent by Wendy Grater, the lead course conductor, to all registrants with the email they provided when they registered for one of these courses. If you do not have an email address, I suggest you contact Wendy directly as per the contact information listed in http://www.cansi.ca/en/about/contact/ontario.php (namely by calling 1-888-226-7446 and ext. 808)

Andrea Prazmowski January 4th, 2014

I've signed on last-minute for the Level 1 Preparation Course at Mooney's Bay tomorrow (Jan. 5th), and I don't see any info about the start and end times for the course. Do you have that info? Thanks.

Jan Vopalensky January 5th, 2014

Andrea, I believe Alex has already contacted you and gave you all the needed information.

Annie L├ętourneau January 14th, 2014

I signed up to the PD /refresher at mooney's bay on jan. 18th with Paul Graner. Can you please confirm that there was enough demand for the course to go through (I need to find replacement at work to free myself up) and also please confirm the start and end time.

Jan Vopalensky January 17th, 2014

Annie, there was not enough demand for this Refresher course. Consequently, Paul cancelled it. But he hopes to offer another date later in the season. I believe he already contacted everyone and told them of this change. If you need more details, I suggest you contact Paul directly.

Jan Vopalensky January 26th, 2014

Annie and others, pleas note that Paul Graner has re-scheduled the PD/Refresh at Mooney's Bay for Feb, 13, 2014, You can register directly for this course at http://www.cansi.ca/en/courses/003731A9-7445-4DF8-B60C-ABCA35337176/

Jan Vopalensky February 21st, 2014

Please note that due to Paul Graner's sudden illness, we had to cancel the Feb 13 Refresher in Ottawa area.

Note also that we just added a new XC Level I certification course on Feb. 15-16 at Arrowhead. This course is run by Wendy Grater with assistance from Murray Wood.

Jan Vopalensky February 25th, 2014

A new PD/Refresher course was scheduled by Paul Graner for March 3, 2014. You can register for it at http://www.cansi.ca/en/courses/210113C8-05C3-4E94-94AC-B17049E90ADF/