InterTele 2013 - April 17-21 2013 - Snowbird Utah Posted on Apr 29th, 2013

CANSI participated in InterTele 2013 in Snowbird, Utah with a delegation of 7 members:

Glenn Lee
Marie-Cat Bruno
Karen Reader
Larissa Piton
Luc Delisle
Mario Fillion
Larry White

Karen presented sessions on "Fluid InTelegence: Versatility in Off-Piste Skiing", and Glenn presented "Telemark Skiing - The Canadian Approach". There were participants from Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, and across the US.

Other topics presented were:

NTN Locked Heels?
Ski Improvement
Rocker Ski Technology/Technique
Active Trail Foot
Fore/Aft - Lead Change Timing
Four Skills
Snow Tools
US Telemark Team Coaching
Making Changes Stick
Core Concepts Swiss Snowsports
Lead Change, Friction, and Directional Movements
Introducing Children to Telemark
Pressure Control
Terrain Exploration