An Occasion to Celebrate: Heinz and Marty Posted on Nov 18th, 2007

Marty - Heinz, November 2007Nordic skiing has come a long way over the last 35 years and much of that progress is due to the selfless work of the coaches and mentors who have devoted their lives to the sport. Two such men are Heinz Neiderhauser (Founding Father and Honourary Member of CANSI) and Marty Hall. The contribution made by these two consummate coaches was recently celebrated at a retirement party attended by numerous coaches and athletes who wanted to recognize the impact these icons had on the development of the sport from the National Capital Division to Provincial and National levels. Both of these men influenced the shape of Nordic skiing in Canada, having coached the Canadian National Team and mentoring many of the current coaches of the sport. Retirement for Heinz and Marty means a return to their beginnings as athletes and competitors. Watch for their names in future World Masters Competitions!