Nordic Ski Training Secrets for High Performance Posted on Nov 8th, 2007

Dear athletes and coaches,

Natural Fitness Labs and, leaders in "Clean Oxygen Fed Sport Cinematography" are excited to announce the World-Wide release of the breakthrough DVD Nordic Skiing Training Secrets for High-Performance Sport.

"..from an introduction to structured fitness training to a post-graduate course in sports physiology, psychology and pedagogy."

The nordic ski training secrets for high-performance sport volume reveals the most successful methods of World Class athletes, and is guaranteed to streamline your efforts, build sports-specific fitness and deliver tangible results. Produced as part of the Nordic Ski Project.

Begin a deep-dive exploration of applied sports physiology, psychology and pedagogy - a journey that exposes the secrets of elite fitness in high-performance sport. The product is a complete synthesis of the most successful medal winning programs and advice by a pedigree of scientists, coaches and elite athletes. Collectively the talent owns 33 Olympic medals, 43 World Cup medals, and 2 firsts in greatest human achievements. Here you will find a comprehensive body-of-knowledge for coaching cross-certification, and the blueprints to train smarter than your competition. Realize immediate performance gains with a medal-proven prescription, and give yourself the edge.

ABRIDGED TABLE OF CONTENTS introduction • theory • definition • history • fundamentals • setting goals planning and commitment • integrating body and mind • natural fitness • endurance • strength • power • speed • agility • flexibility • balance • coordination • skill development • quantity and quality of training hours • regularity and repetition • intensity and recovery which covers: work load overcompensation relaxation recuperation dynamic range • polarized training • periodization involving progression and frequency and systemization • specificity and diversity • mindful • ski fitness • physiology • prescription for fitness • energy systems • storage • training aerobic • anaerobic systems • zones • vo2max • training methodology • coaching and long term athlete development • mentoring • pedagogy • architecting fitness and conditioning • the workout • warm-up • cool-down • microcycles • phases • mesocycles • macrocycles • unstructured training • constructing multi-year high performance training programs • cardio • active rest • over-distance • low sub-threshold distance • high sub-threshold distance intervals • threshold natural intervals • fartlek • anaerobic lactic • anaerobic alactic • over-speed • polarized work • muscular training • strength • power • isometric • isotonic • isokinetic • calisthenics • plyometrics • speed • super-loading • power-endurance • weight training • ballistics • ricochets • on snow and dry-land training modes • skate skiing • classic • backcountry • telemark • alpine • nordix • ski walk • stride • bounding • roller-skiing • roller-board • exercises • soft training • core strength • flexibility • snow shoe • trail run • paddle • bike • skiing drills • skill development and technique • race preparation • mental training sport psychology • mindful practice • commitment • consistency • persistence • patience • goals • commitment • mental visualization • relaxation • concentration • motivation • focus • anxiety • team dynamics • extreme athletics • injuries • nutrition • equipment • conclusions


Ed McNeely, Exercise Physiologist and leader the strength and conditioning industry • Dr. Penny Werthner Olympic track athlete. Professor at the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, and is an active Mental Training Expert. • Thomas Alsgaard, 5 Olympic Gold Medals, 10 world cup medals one of the most greatest cross-county skiers of all time. • Axel Merckx, T-Mobile Tour de France, Olympic Silver Medalist Cycling • Sue Holloway silver and bronze Olympic medals (Kayak and Cross-Country Skiing) • Rob Marland Olympic Gold Medalist Rowing • Beckie Scott Olympic Gold Medalist Cross-Country Skiing • Justin Wadsworth Olympian Top Ten World Cup Cross-Country Skiing • Ole Einar Bjoerndalen the most successful Biathlete of all time 5 Gold Olympic medals, 3 silver, a bronze and 16 World Championship medals. • Hakkon Nordbeck, Sweden, WC Medalist • Dr. Sven Pinkert German National Slalom Kayak Champion, High Performance Director Canoe Kayak Canada • Roger Archambault Biathlon High Performance Director, Manager of Olympic Preparation, Canadian Olympic Committee • Pierre Lafontaine CEO of Swimming Canada, • Marcia Birkigt 2nd cdn birkebeiner, 1st keskinada loppet • Cyrus kangarloo 3rd keskinada loppet • Nikki kassel 1st university skier Canada 2nd keskinada loppet • Phil villeneuve national Cross-Country Skiing team and national mountain running team, 2nd keskinada, 2nd USA national sprint • Megan mctavish 2nd cdn roller skiing champs • Sheila kealey 1st cdn roller ski champs, Keskinada champion, Cdn national long course Cross-Country Skiing champion elite triathlete • Karl Saidla, Keskinada champion, Silver Canadian winter games • Lise Meloche, Exercise Physiologist, Educator. National Biathlon and Cross-Country Teams, Junior national Kayak Champion, 200 World Cup races, 21 Top 10 Finishes, 9 National Championship Titles, 7 World Cups Medals, 3 World Cup Gold Medals, 3rd Overall World Cup rank, 2 Olympics • David McMahon National Biathlon Champion, Bronze Medalist at the World Summer Biathlon Championships • Lynne Bermel Professional Triathlete, World Military Running Team, Ranked 3rd overall in the World for Ironman Distance Triathlons • Dr. Christain Otto Junior National Biathlon Team, Mountaineering and skiing expeditions, Expert in remote medicine in extreme environments • Phil Marsh Area Manger of Running Room • John Westdal Pro Triathlete • Ray Zahab One of World's Greatest ultra-runners, Completed the first non-stop 7500 km run across the Sahara • Richard Weber National Ski Team, Skiing Hall of Fame, Completed the first return ski to the North Pole • Gudrun Phleuger 3x Overall World Loppet Cross Country Skiing Champion, 5x World Mountain Running Champion • Bill Hurley World Masters Mountain Bike Champion • Dominique Larocque National Mountain Bike Champion and In-Line Skating Champion • Chris Blanchard National Cross-Country Ski Team • Jill Perry National Boxing Champion • Ian Murray National Sprint Medalist Cross-Country Skiing • Byran Czop Stunt performer, Nordix

David McMahon and Lise Meloche
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