New CANSI X-Country Classic-only Level I Certification Posted on Nov 6th, 2007


XC Skiing in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Winter 2007As a result of a proposal prepared by Mountain and Ontario regions, this September the CANSI Technical committee approved the implementation of a modular approach to the XC Level I instructor certification by introducing a XC Classic-only certification.

This XC Classic-only certification is designed to make CANSI Professional membership available to a larger audience. It is applicable to for school teachers, scout leaders, touring instructors, or instructors at classic-only resorts, who do not have any need to teach skating techniques and/or may themselves lack skating equipment and skiing skills.

Certified XC Classic-only instructors will have the same teaching training and expertise as other XC Level I instructors, and will have the full CANSI insurance coverage while teaching XC Classic skiing.

XC Classic-only Level I certification course outline

This course is a full Level I XC certification course without the "1-skate" requirement. The length of this course is 14 hours compared to the 16 hours for the full XC Level I course. Each candidate will be required to demonstrate:

A) Good skiing skills in following 3 maneuvers (using their classic gear):

  • Basic Diagonal Stride
  • Basic Double Pole
  • Wedge (aka Snowplow) Turns

B) Good teaching skills:

  • communication, class organization, safety, amount of activity, element of fun.
  • Level I classic technical knowledge for the beginning skier through correct choice of terrain, analysis of key technical points, use of skill improvement exercises, and accuracy of technical explanations.

The minimum criteria for successful completion of the course:

  • At least 2 satisfactory or better marks out of the threee skiing manoeuvres
  • At least 1 satisfactory or better mark out of two (2) lessons taught from the two major technique groups (classical ski or hill skiing)

The lesson evaluation topics may include:

  • Diagonal Stride without poles
  • Diagonal Stride with poles
  • Double Pole
  • Straight Running & Braking Wedge
  • Wedge Turns
  • Step Turn while Straight Running
  • Herringbone & Side Step

XC Classic instructor certification policies and guidelines

  1. CANSI regions have the option to offer XC Classic-only Level I certification courses independently or along side the full XC level I certification courses.
  2. Any instructor who wants to pursue higher-level certification must achieve first the full Level I certification (i.e. the skate skiing component) prior to registering for a Level II course.
  3. XC Classic-only Level I certified instructors can become full XC Level I instructor by successfully demonstrating "1-skate" skiing criteria on a Level I Refresher course.
  4. Participants in full XC Level I courses that are successful in all aspects of the course criteria except for the 1-Skate will be granted XC Classic-only Level I certification.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this CANSI certification offering, please post them here.



Benoit Poirier & J-S Thibault November 27th, 2007

We don`t see the need to split a course content that is already been proven to form better skiers.We think that the minimum of comitment needed for completion of a lvl 1 is to master both techniques at the given level (skate and classic)Does it meen now that a level 1 instructor`s formation is less valuable than the level 1 classic only stage for teaching the same basic skills of classic technique? We also think that by doing so we lower the quality and standard of skier needed by offering a level to a person who cannot skate , some basic weight transfer sequences will be easier to teach to a candidate who truly skis both techniques than the one who only classi(better motor skills).We also think that it`s going to be confusing to the customer .Ex:Should I get the instructor with the full level 1 or the one with the 1 classic only...

Steve Parfitt November 29th, 2007

I like the idea.

In our club we are finding that nearly all the demand is for lessons in basic and intermediate classic technique. So although we instructors maintain our skating technique, etc, we hardly ever get to teach it!

I think we would find it easier to encourage our members to take the CANSI Level 1 course if they were not intimidated by having to demonstrate skate technique. With Level 1, there's more than enough to learn and remember in a 2-day course that is focused on classic alone!

In a sense, it lowers the barrier to entry for a lot of people. I'm thinking especially of older people who have been skiing for years, have great communication skills and teaching technique but have no particular interest in skating.

George Lorenz January 3rd, 2008

I think the new level one Classic only certification is a great idea because there are many strong classic skiers who are not interested in skating and who would make excellent teachers. This was an excellent idea.