Christmas 2006 issue of XCitation is now available Posted on Jan 25th, 2007


I hope you are back on track after all the Christmas sweets and New Year's Resolutions. The Christmas XCitation is now published on the CANSI website. We now have separate versions for English and French to help save paper for those of you that are printing it.

You can find the second XCitation issue of the season in the newsletter page.

Please note that articles that weren't intended to be translated are published in the French issue but are still written in English (or vice versa as the case may be). In other words, the issues have all the same content.

I'd also like to remind you all that the next issue deadline will be quickly upon us at the end of this month (January) so please send in your photos for Photo of the Month and any other submissions to

I look forward to hearing from you.

Karla Wikjord
XCitation Editor



Katherine Kitching February 16th, 2007

Hello, I have a question abuot the "Five Main Points" about classic skiing by Ulf Kleppe in the 2007 xcitation.

I found the points very useful, but there was one I did not understand.

In the description of an "Athletic Stance", Ulf has described point d) as "Keep the ankles and knees bent". But then point d) is elaborated upon as follows: "1. Look down to see the bindings ahead of the boots."

I was wondering if somebody could explain this to me - in my mental image, the bindings will *always* be ahead of the boots because the boots are stuck to the bindings that way! I'm not quite sure what is meant by this point.

(and thanks for such a deliciously technique-filled newsletter!)

1. Athletic Position
a. Brace the Core
i. Keep the abdominal muscles tight
ii. “Firm Up” the buttocks
b. Keep the lower back fairly straight
c. Allow the upper back to bend forward
d. Keep the ankles and knees bent
i. Look down to see the bindings ahead of the boots

Steve Gentles March 8th, 2007

Ulf's response:
The wording should be corrected. Instead of "Look down to see the bindings ahead of the boots," i) should read: "Look down to see only the bindings." You should not see your boot, which is hidden under a flexed knee.