2005-2006 Atlantic Region Year End Report Posted on Nov 28th, 2006

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CANSI Atlantic ran one cross country instructors level I course and one refresher last year in Atlantic region. One new level I course conductor was certified bringing the total number of course conductors in the Atlantic region to two.

The number of courses offered was down from 4 courses in the previous year. One reason perhaps was the higher cost that was charged - $170 up from $140 or so in previous years. The idea of the higher price was to gain more regional revenue to offset the high cost of sending a Tech Rep to National Meetings.

Last year, the fact that Keith Nicol would have had to pay between $500 and $1000 to attend the National meeting out of his own pocket, meant that he couldn’t attend. However charging higher amounts may not work as a way to raise extra local revenue since last year our region only made about $200 extra from courses. This is a serious question that will need to be examined since our small population may make it very difficult to attend future Tech Meetings unless we can raise regional CANSI revenues.

Keith Payne
CANSI Atlantic


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