New Course Conductor Certifications Posted on Nov 21st, 2006

Our new membership system now allows us to maintain information on CANSI members who are approved to conduct and examine CANSI Courses. There are two new streams of certification XC Course Conductor with Levels I - IV, and Telemark Course Conductor with Levels I - III.

The Course Conductor Certifications allow us to deliver course material to course conductors via the website. These materials show up under the "My Training" display when you log in.

The criteria for being able to conduct courses is described in the Course Conductors manual. The information for course conductors is being loaded by the Technical Representatives for each region. If you are currently a course conductor, or have been a course conductor in the past, you should see the Course Conductor certification listed under your certifications in your "My Profile" which is visible after you log in. If your course conductor information is missing, or incorrect, please contact your Regional Technical Representative.

You will need to supply the following information:

  • Type and Level of course you are approved to teach

  • Type and Level of course you are approved to examine

  • Date,Location, and examiner name for when you were approved

  • Date,Location of last national briefing attended

  • Date,Location of last regional briefing attended

If you have any questions, email